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Reduce Taxes

Louisiana doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem.  Jerri will never vote to raise taxes on her fellow Louisiana residents. She believes that  the only way to fix our economy and create new jobs is to reduce taxes and remove government interference in the state. Jerri is 100% against the return of the Stelly tax.

Oppose Obamacare Implementation

Barack Obama’s government takeover of our healthcare system is wrong for Louisiana and wrong for America.  When she gets to Baton Rouge, Jerri will oppose any effort to force Louisiana into participating in Obamacare. She supports legal efforts to end Obamacare before it starts.

Protect Natural Resources

Lake Bistineau and our other waterways and natural resources are precious to the people of   Webster Parish and the state of Louisiana. Jerri will fight for the elimination of giant salvinia. She will also fight any efforts of the Obama administration to regulate the oil and gas industry, including ending the oil moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico.


As a former schoolteacher, education and the issues that threaten our educational system are near and dear to my heart. We must make sure that we keep our schools open and make sure that they are full of teachers that are capable, compassionate and trustworthy. Our teachers need to have their hands untied and be allowed to teach their students and do their jobs. Another issue that we must fix is the problem of teachers teaching to tests. Teachers don’t need to worry about teaching for a standardized test, they need to be allowed to educate or kids.

10th Amendment

As a common sense conservative I understand that the State of Louisiana must fight the Obama administration’s attempts to socialize our nation and state. I will fight to block the implementation of Obamacare, which threatens our freedoms and our very way of life. I will fight to lower the prices of gasoline at the pump by fighting unfair Oil Moratoriums designed drive up the prices of oil. I will fight for State’s Rights and the 10th amendment at every turn. No matter what any lobbyist or government insider has to say about it.